textually to

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  • There are some manuscripts very close textually to group K x, but they differ in some details.
  • It is hard to quote a line which he deigned textually to translate. Cited from 1000 Nights and a Night, Vo1. 14, Tr. by Burton
  • First, there is no technical reason for a URI textually to describe the web resource subordinate to which POST data will be stored.
  • The text of the Pauline epistles is very close textually to the codices 451, 2400, 2492.
  • The Books of Kings, Book of Chronicles, Book of Ezra, and Pauline epistles (partially) are close textually to the Spanish type of the Vulgate.
  • It is extant in unilingual Sumerian from Nippur during the Old Babylonian period, and thereafter in bilingual editions from the Kassite, middle Assyrian and neo-Assyrian and neo-Babylonian versions, where the later ones are closer textually to the old version than the Middle Babylonian.