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  • A few titles stand out, both musically and textually, but his words do not always live up to its claims.
  • However, because conventions are not textually based, their existence and practice are open to debate.
  • Cytter is best known for her textually based video art.
  • Therefore, all textually stated punishments are affected by the factors of a given case.
  • An EXPRESS data model can be defined in two ways, textually and graphically.
  • There are some manuscripts very close textually to group K x, but they differ in some details.
  • Order matters in pattern matching; patterns that are textually first are tried first.
  • It displays the methods and variables of a class in a tree-structure instead of textually.
  • I have not got them textually before me but I remember perfectly the general argument, which was very simple; and also my surprise at its nature. Cited from Notes on My Books, by Joseph Conrad
  • These copies would have been textually unreliable in spite of early scholarship until the versions which were printed on paper.
  • Textually it is corrupt in some places, although it also sometimes preserves good readings.
  • Sound effects mimic non-vocal sounds textually using onomatopoeia sound-words.
  • Textually, it also had an influence on future editions of the Bible.
  • At all events, he never cares to quote them textually. Cited from The Life of Jesus, by Ernest Renan
  • The preamble recited textually article fourth of the public treaty relative to the India trade. Cited from History United Netherlands, 1609 by Motley
  • He became responsible for the non-Conan works and later restored, textually-pure versions of the Conan stories themselves.
  • This was a first-person-perspective graphical adventure game, with commands entered textually.
  • Of these paragraphs, which I shall set out textually, three affirm general principles, while the fourth contains a specific prohibition. Cited from Letters To "The Times" Upon War And Neutrality (1881-1920), by Holland
  • In a visual language program, elements are graphically manipulated rather than textually specified.
  • He wrote many learned monographs on French law, and much of his work was incorporated almost textually in the French Code Civil.
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