tested empirically

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  • Another strength of this theory lies in its ability to be tested empirically.
  • All the major claims of the theory have now been tested empirically and replicated.
  • Economic theories are frequently tested empirically, largely through the use of econometrics using economic data.
  • When these assumptions are scrutinized and tested empirically, they are all too often been found to be false.
  • Typically, new theories developed by him or well-known theories are tested empirically with a variety of statistical methods.
  • Moreover, some of these extensions have been also tested empirically.
  • The approach is tested empirically in a general-to-specific econometric time series model and found to be superior to alternative and traditional theories.
  • It makes predictions that are approximately correct when tested empirically.
  • This is, as yet, a mere hypothesis, to be tested empirically without any preconceptions. Cited from The Analysis of Mind, by Bertrand Russell
  • It is also likely that it is too difficult to be tested empirically, especially when testing painless phantom sensations.
  • One characteristic of expectation states theory that sets it apart from many other psychology or sociological theories of inequality is that it has been tested empirically.
  • By showing how to formulate it quantitatively he enabled the principle to be tested empirically in the laboratory.
  • A recent revision of the model has been described by Monsen & Solbakken (2013) and is currently being tested empirically.
  • Vergne and Durand qualify this critique by specifying the conditions under which path dependence theory can be tested empirically.
  • Lucy proposed a new research design so that the hypothesis of linguistic relativity could be tested empirically, and to avoid the pitfalls of earlier studies which Lucy claimed had tended to presuppose the universality of the categories they were studying.
  • This fuels criticisms of the symbolic interactionist framework for failing to account for social structure, as well as criticisms that interactionist theories cannot be assessed via quantitative methods, and cannot be falsifiable or tested empirically.