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  • A network of territorially-organized public-health services provided health care.
  • It also remains territorially distinct but the industrial development took place in the village proper and population growth occurred here too.
  • Territorially, White Tower and White Castle stayed away from each other from then on.
  • Territorially it has not been affected by the nation-wide municipal reforms carried out during the 20th century.
  • During the Middle Ages Christianity lost more ground territorially than it gained. Cited from The Northmen, Columbus and Cabot, 985-1503, by Various
  • The royal government was as simple territorially as it was in functions. Cited from European Background Of American History,by Cheyney
  • The country was being divided territorially into great railroad domains, within each of which one financial interest was dominant. Cited from Modern Economic Problems, Economics Vol. II, by Frank Albert Fetter
  • The empire was territorially divided into western and eastern halves, with a senior and a junior emperor in each half.
  • It is impossible to believe that a single people could lay behind such a territorially wide and culturally varied zone.
  • The service is organised territorially in five areas, corresponding to the main mountain areas of Spain.
  • A glance at the map shows that, territorially speaking, it is the great body of the republic. Cited from Speeches and Letters of Abraham Lincoln, 1832-1865, by Abraham Lincoln
  • Territorially the municipality is divided into eleven areas, formed by colonies, villages, counties and the county seat.
  • I am not sure that I should love it so much should it happen to become territorially so big as Spain or Italy. Cited from Serbia in Light and Darkness, by Nikolaj Velimirovic
  • His power did not extend beyond the district in which he was adored and to which he was territorially attached. Cited from Early Israel and the Surrounding Nations, by Archibald Sayce
  • In a second stage, the air bases were merged into territorially integrated structures.
  • Of profound moment under any circumstances, they were doubly so now that the United States was territorially involved. Cited from The Path of Empire, by Carl Russell Fish
  • A glance at the map shows that, territorially speaking, it is the great body of the Republic. Cited from Messages and Papers of the Presidents: Abraham Lincoln, by Richardson
  • Although Wales had more possession and dominated territorially, they managed to score just two tries, both from kicks.
  • Territorially it represented the northern part of present day Estonia.
  • Territorially it represented the northern part of present-day Estonia.
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Meaning of territorially

  • adverb With respect to territory
    territorially important