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  • The story goes that after being taken terminally ill, he never rose from his bed again.
  • However, she had to return home to care for her mother, who was terminally ill.
  • Her mother is terminally ill and has no one to care for the baby.
  • His career ended after his first wife became terminally ill.
  • Her doctor tells her that her cancer has returned, this time terminally.
  • He made the acquaintance of several terminally ill children, some of whom died during his stay.
  • She was not, however, terminally ill at the time of her death.
  • His teacher was his mother, who supervised him for several years until she became terminally ill.
  • In the same year, she became terminally ill and she her husband traveled abroad.
  • She returned to music after several years as caregiver for her terminally ill father.
  • He promised to make a career comeback even though he looked terminally ill.
  • He had been working continuously on his philosophy until two weeks before, when he suddenly fell terminally ill.
  • It is an institution that provides end of life care to the terminally ill.
  • Chiesa's terminally ill father passed away shortly after his son's victory.
  • Over the years, she continued to work with terminally ill patients.
  • When his father was terminally ill he returned to England at the age of five with the rest of his family.
  • The film follows the story of a man who falls in love with a beautiful young woman who is terminally ill.
  • By having more time with the terminally-ill patient, the doctor is giving them constant care and medical attention.
  • It gives terminally ill children and their families a free week's vacation.
  • At times, he cannot aid the terminally wounded; at others, he can actually raise the recently dead.
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