tender offer

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  • Info Tender offer is a corporate finance term denoting a type of takeover bid.
  • It is usually made through a tender offer with specific terms, including the price.
  • Many mini-tender offers are made with respect to companies that do not trade on an established market, however.
  • A tender offer can be made where the acquiring company makes a public offer at a fixed price above the current market price.
  • Defensive end Stephen Bowen also signed a tender offer two days later.
  • The acquiring corporation then makes a tender offer at an amount slightly higher than the current target corporation' stock price.
  • When an individual, group, or corporation seeks to acquire control of another corporation, it may make a tender offer.
  • However, information about a tender offer (usually regarding a merger or acquisition) is held to a higher standard.
  • These were taken over by Clear Channel Communications in a 1996 tender offer.
  • An example of a voluntary corporate action is a tender offer.
  • The next year, HSBC extended two tender offers to acquire the remaining shares in the bank.
  • The shareholder may or may not participate in the tender offer.
  • In compensation, non tendering shareholders get their right to receive the tender offer price for their shares.
  • He has sent to you the most loving and tender offers that even an almighty God could frame; and what have you replied? Cited from Choice Readings for the Home Circle, by Anonymous
  • Prior to 1981, all tender offer repurchases were executed using a fixed price tender offer.
  • In the United States, tender offers are regulated by the Williams Act.
  • Still, contract negotiations dragged on longer than usual because he wasn't signed to a tender offer from another team as a restricted free agent.
  • The next day, Basic's board approved Combustion's tender offer for all outstanding shares.
  • Insignia was among the first companies to use tender offers to increase its ownership of limited partnerships owning multifamily property.
  • Frequently, officers and directors are precluded from participating in the tender offer.
  • The bidder, in essence, gets complete ownership of the target for the tender offer price.
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