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  • For this reason she caused them to break their fast temperately. Cited from French Mediaeval Romances from the Lays of Marie de France, by France
  • And does not he who does his duty act temperately or wisely? Cited from Charmides, by Plato, B. Jowett, Tr. #5
  • In a very temperately written memorial Charles placed these ideas before the chiefs. Cited from A Short History of Scotland, by Andrew Lang
  • Especially will this be true if they see that you live temperately and spend nothing foolishly. Cited from Dio's Rome, Vol. 4, by Cassius Dio
  • She knew her father's beliefs to be as strong and deep as they were temperately expressed. Cited from Hetty Wesley, by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  • To put it temperately, the situation was becoming very trying. Cited from No. 13 Washington Square, by Leroy Scott
  • The more credit, then, that she uses it so temperately. Cited from Adventures in Criticism, by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  • Have words by all means, the more of them the better, but use them temperately, sparingly. Cited from The Century Vocabulary Builder, by Greever & Bachelor
  • But her proper and particular office is, first to know how to use such goods temperately, and how to lose them constantly. Cited from Literary and Philosophical Essays, by Various
  • I explained why I had given her the money, explained it temperately and with emphasis. Cited from Hunger, by Knut Hamsun
  • Is it right to deliberately do any of these acts temperately? Cited from Personal Experience of a Physician, by John Ellis
  • Of the king and his followers it is difficult to write temperately. Cited from English Literature, by William J. Long
  • Yet, I am anxious to talk temperately -- and God knows it will require an effort. Cited from Destiny, by Charles Neville Buck
  • The fifth has had its influence, but only temporarily and temperately. Cited from The Book of Delight, by Israel Abrahams
  • I explained to him, temperately and firmly, what my position was. Cited from Little Novels, by Wilkie Collins
  • But the city is healthy to those who live temperately. Cited from The Golden Chersonese and The Way Thither, by Bird
  • As a deacon he temperately used the privileges of his office, and one of these was a seat next the door. Cited from The Delectable Duchy, by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  • How can a clergyman talk of using such a fluid temperately? Cited from Personal Experience of a Physician, by John Ellis
  • But a sedate, a thinking villain, whose black blood runs temperately bad, what excuse can clear? Cited from The Double-Dealer, by William Congreve
  • But what fruit may she bear, ought but that she learn to live temperately in easy things, and patiently in uneasy things? Cited from The Cell Of Self-Knowledge, By Henry Pepwell
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How temperately gets used

Meaning of temperately

  • adverb With restraint
    he used the privileges of his office temperately
  • adverb Without extravagance
    these preferences are temperately stated