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  • They were finally selected and told they were going to be a band.
  • People tell me later that we had given the sound its name.
  • He told his wife that he thought he was going to die that night.
  • It also tells you whom else you might like if you like one author.
  • She orders the old man not to tell any more stories to her son.
  • He tells her to meet him at the rock on the edge of town.
  • Tell them to get back to you in a couple of days.
  • He never could tell her that he loved her, and now she was dead.
  • Edward told him that he supported what he wrote in his will.
  • As will be seen however, this tells only part of the story.
  • She was told that her reasons for doing so would be announced.
  • Each story told contains at least one character telling a story within the story.
  • For various reasons individuals will not tell the truth on such a private matter.
  • The songs tell personal stories of life in the wide open country of Australia.
  • They're not going to be able to tell me to stop.
  • It began as a show-and-tell for students to display their projects.
  • They also tell the people outside a building when they have stopped moving or fallen.
  • In this way, he says, science can tell us what to value.
  • English records still in existence today tell a completely different story.
  • A tell may be common to a class of players or unique to a single player.
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Meaning of tell

  • noun A swiss patriot who lived in the early 14th century and who was renowned for his skill as an archer; according to legend an austrian governor compelled him to shoot an apple from his son's head with his crossbow (which he did successfully without mishap)
  • verb Let something be known
    Tell them that you will be late
  • verb Narrate or give a detailed account of
    Tell what happened, The father told a story to his child
  • verb Discern or comprehend
    He could tell that she was unhappy
  • verb Give evidence
    he was telling on all his former colleague