technical diving

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  • For this reason, technical diving often includes the use of breathing mixtures other than air.
  • At that time, technical diving and rebreather equipment and techniques became common place.
  • The use of these gases forms part of technical diving and requires further training and certification.
  • These factors increase the level of risk and training required for technical diving far beyond that required for recreational diving.
  • Technical diving also often involves breathing gases other than air or standard nitrox.
  • In technical diving, where redundancy is standard, self-sufficiency is taught more strongly.
  • In technical diving these objectives often become much more complex and very specific - penetration of a particular part of a cave to a particular point.
  • In his work for the commercial, scientific, and military industries, he has developed equipment and deep-water diving, and technical diving techniques.
  • There is some professional disagreement as to what all technical diving encompasses.
  • It's sister organization Technical Diving International, is the world's largest training agency for technical diving.
  • He teaches technical diving all over the world, including Egypt, Lebanon and Greece.
  • Certain minority views contend that certain non-specific higher risk factors should cause diving to be classed as technical diving.
  • He was a technical diving instructor for the US Government.
  • Technical diving education organizations define special procedures to be done if decompression stops are missed.
  • This is a highly controversial matter in recreational and technical diving.
  • Under the PADI TecRec brand, they also offer various technical diving courses.
  • Some say that technical diving is any type of scuba diving that is considered higher risk than conventional recreational diving.
  • Diving with two or more cylinders is associated with technical diving.
  • Others seek to define technical diving solely by reference to the use of decompression.
  • In technical diving activities such as cave diving, threesomes are considered an acceptable practice.
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