tearfully says

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  • Joe at first resists, but eventually gives in and tearfully says goodbye to his son.
  • She tearfully says that she has made a decision, but asks that the judge tell her parents to wait outside in the hallway before she tells him.
  • Tim asks Saskia whether she really wants the marriage to go ahead; she tearfully says "no".
  • Khirad tearfully says goodbye to her sleeping daughter, leaving another note for Asher.
  • Michael tearfully says that he became scared of what he had done and feared that he was becoming like Larry, leading to his departure from working with him ever again.
  • Risky tearfully says she's not afraid of anything but then admits to going through a lot and doesn't want to relive it.
  • After Magnolia, who is Julie's best friend, tearfully says goodbye to her, she and Steve leave the company.
  • Maisie tearfully says goodbye to Nikhil and gets into a taxi with Will and they are driven out of the village.
  • Selfishly, Molly tearfully says how unfair it was, not for Sally, but for them.
  • At elimination, Craig asks Myammee about how she put Ice and Prancer under the bus, and Myammee tearfully says it would have been suicide if she was voted into the box.
  • As Yoon-hee leaves and stands in the rain with an umbrella she sees a dripping wet Hyeon-su, who tearfully says "mom" and hugs her.
  • Tuck, Munch and Emma are concerned that when the spaceship takes off it will destroy the town, but Alex puts Echo in the spaceship anyway and tearfully says goodbye.