tearfully leaves

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  • Lisa tearfully leaves her lover as she go's to heaven.
  • After she tearfully leaves, Peter, who pretended not to care, throws himself on a bed and cries himself to sleep.
  • She tearfully leaves her teenage daughter behind, taking only a hologram of her and two duffel bags of clothes and the like.
  • Upon learning this, and realizing that Athena had to have known this all along, he tearfully leaves Hercules, determined to find out what happened to his sister.
  • After Spencer explains that her behavior was inappropriate, Holly tearfully leaves the restaurant.
  • Jessica says goodbye to Brody and tearfully leaves him behind.
  • A distraught and devastated Abstemia tearfully leaves the court, and disappears.
  • Unfortunately, feeling that she cannot trust the Council, or herself, anymore, she refuses and tearfully leaves the Jedi Temple following a somber goodbye with Anakin.