tearfully confesses

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  • Tate tearfully confesses that he loves her and cannot understand why she has turned cold toward him.
  • She tearfully confesses that it was not that bad, and that she had never married him, but merely lived with him as his wife.
  • Finally, Mary can no longer continue with the charade and tearfully confesses the truth.
  • At the last minute, Mahalakshmi cannot go through with it and tearfully confesses the truth to her father.
  • She tearfully confesses her regret and that she no longer wants to be involved with Geoff.
  • She tearfully confesses to older sister Vanessa, but refuses to talk to her parents, already upset with her for her poor grades and mischief.
  • Sheila tearfully confesses that she has been taking Mike to chemotherapy; she tries to apologize for being dishonest, but he leaves her.
  • Turning back, Sungmin tearfully confesses that he had been completely fooled, and hugs Leeteuk.
  • All three share a cup of tea, and Joy tearfully confesses that she's dating their son's friend not only to compensate for the loss of her husband, but also the potential loss of her daughter to college and her son to silence.
  • Darkness is descending as Ferrando brings Eleonora to Cardenio and, when she tearfully confesses, he gives her one of the pistols and orders her to shoot him, just as he will shoot her with the other one.
  • Donner drags John's lifeless body from the bathroom to the bed and tearfully confesses that he's the one who stole John's sneakers and money in a desperate attempt to persuade John to leave town with him.