tearfully begs

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  • She tearfully begs him to leave, but before he does, he tells her that she is beautiful.
  • She tearfully begs Logan to kill her before she kills another person.
  • The group finds her at the cliff face and Sarah tearfully begs her to return.
  • She tearfully begs Regina to kill her, and that it has to end before anyone else dies.
  • Their relationship grows to the point where Melanie tearfully begs Wanda not to give her body back, knowing the alien plans to kill herself once removed.
  • At the hospital, Jason tearfully begs Suzy not to allow the doctors to keep him.
  • Streaming out of despair to what she was made for and with no other place to go to, Ikaros tearfully begs Tomoki to be her master as he is all she ever wants.
  • After a minute loses control of her grief at Grace's death and tearfully begs the Pingu doll (which she sees as Grace) for forgiveness, before flying into a rage and throwing a chair at it.
  • The film's Watzinger, worried about the hemp ropes' ability to hold the balsa logs together for the entire voyage, tearfully begs Heyerdahl at sea to add steel cables Watzinger smuggled aboard.