tearfully asks

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  • She tearfully asks if he's going to leave her as her mother did.
  • In Lane's office, she tearfully asks if they are planning to replace her.
  • When the girl tearfully asks him to release her, he replies that he could do this only if she could tell him his name the next night.
  • She tearfully asks him "Wesley, why can't I stay?" and dies in his arms.
  • At home, Sam becomes very frightened when Thomas and the cat don't return, and she tearfully asks her father for help.
  • Arthur tearfully asks Morgana why is she against him, and she replies by saying he is like Uther.
  • Cliff, who can no longer control himself, goes to Norma's hotel and declares his love for her, but she tearfully asks him for time to think.
  • Audrey tearfully asks why her father doesn't want to see her, and he says that he was never a good father to her, and why she wants a relationship with him is beyond him.
  • She tearfully asks to go home to her dying sister -- whom she believed was never going to be cured -- but Ben refuses to let her go, creating hostility.
  • When Gennice finally takes the stage, she has a problem with the laces on her boot and, in an act reminiscent of Harding's bootlace incident, tearfully asks that she be allowed to start over.