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  • He heard his uncle add tearfully that one shot would end it now. Cited from Bunker Bean, by Harry Leon Wilson
  • She tearfully tells how her husband beat her and she was certain she was going to die.
  • She tearfully asks if he's going to leave her as her mother did.
  • Almost tearfully he gave his men the order to face about and return to Berlin. Cited from The Youth of the Great Elector, by L. Muhlbach
  • She tearfully told Nick that she never wanted to see him again.
  • Tearfully, she tells him she can try and be more like their mother was to them and take care of them both.
  • The young wife greeted her husband tearfully on his return from the day's work. Cited from Jokes For All Occasions, by Anonymous
  • Both brothers watched the battle with their father until he finally permitted them, tearfully, to join it.
  • His mother-in-law tearfully admitted that they had agreed to support him, but had no money to support her too.
  • She had fixed it for him, using magic, before making him tearfully watch as she broke it again.
  • David could hear her asking tearfully, as he crossed the yard and established himself in the door. Cited from Bob Son of Battle, by Alfred Ollivant
  • "And why do you not love me?" said the master tearfully. Cited from Woman Triumphant, by Vicente Blasco Ibanez
  • Tearfully, Edgar said that he has reached the end of his political career.
  • We clamor tearfully for some word from those who are dead, but no answer comes. Cited from The Story of Ab, by Stanley Waterloo
  • "That of course is what you would like to know!" she replied tearfully. Cited from Blacksheep! Blacksheep!, by Meredith Nicholson
  • She tearfully begs him to leave, but before he does, he tells her that she is beautiful.
  • He asks her to come with them, but she tearfully says that she can't just get up and go.
  • She tearfully replies that it is her turn to take care of him.
  • She watches tearfully along with her son as he is welcomed into their family as their own.
  • "I say, how you have changed!" he whispered half tearfully, and led him into his room. Cited from Pelle the Conqueror, V4, Martin Anderson Nexo
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Meaning of tearfully

  • adverb With tears; in a tearful manner
    the man confessed tearfully to having beaten his wife