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  • But both were now taciturn, and they did not walk far in company. Cited from The Crown Of Life, By George Gissing
  • The husband took no part whatever in the conversation, he seemed a very taciturn man. Cited from The Child of Pleasure, by Gabriele D'Annunzio
  • For the rest of the evening we were both taciturn and distant towards each other. Cited from A Strange Story, by E. B. Lytton, Vol. 4
  • Will certainly grew more taciturn, less free of advice, perhaps less frank than formerly. Cited from Children of the Mist, by Eden Phillpotts
  • The woman was taciturn by nature, and yet she was constantly saying too much! Cited from The Roll-Call, by Arnold Bennett
  • He was very distant and very taciturn; he seemed to have grown much older. Cited from My Novel, by E. B. Lytton, Book 6
  • He talked very little, and seemed all the more mysterious for his taciturn manner. Cited from Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne
  • He was a boy of few words grown into a kindly taciturn man. Cited from Traffics and Discoveries, by Rudyard Kipling
  • As people are always taciturn in the dark, not a word was said for some time after my entrance. Cited from Twice Told Tales, by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • It pleased her to feel that this taciturn man had taken her into his confidence at last. Cited from The Swindler and Other Stories, by Ethel M. Dell
  • But he did not face the major, or any of the other taciturn men he knew held positions of authority. Cited from The Time Traders, by Andre Norton
  • In like manner do we use our eyes on our taciturn comrade. Cited from The Woodlanders, by Thomas Hardy
  • More than his father had ever done, he deserved the character of the taciturn. Cited from History United Netherlands, 1585-86 by Motley
  • Critical reception towards the video, although generally taciturn, has been mostly mixed.
  • Afterward he grew almost taciturn, for him, and let me do most of the talking. Cited from The Man in Lower Ten, by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • I seldom heard the human voice, and became as taciturn as my companion. Cited from The Little Savage, by Captain Frederick Marryat
  • He was very taciturn, and his features seemed fine and determined under his thick, black beard. Cited from Monsieur de Camors by Octave Feuillet, v2
  • He is very quiet and taciturn, and extremely dedicated to his work.
  • In the taciturn days of the passage he had noticed their reserve even amongst themselves. Cited from Within The Tides, by Joseph Conrad
  • All who met him formally spoke of him as taciturn, but this was not a natural quality. Cited from The True George Washington [10th Ed.], by Paul Leicester Ford
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Meaning of taciturn

  • adjective Habitually reserved and uncommunicative