tacit relocation

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  • Info Tacit Relocation in Scots Law is a principle whereby leases of land or buildings are renewed on the same conditions as previously existed if no notice of termination is given within the requisite period, subject to a maximum period of one year, applying in perpetuity until such notice is given. more...
  • Tacit relocation has important consequences for both parties.
  • The principle of tacit relocation can continue a lease indefinitely on the same terms as originally agreed, except as to duration.
  • It may be useful at this point to refer to two other more general matters - the Leases Act 1449 and tacit relocation.
  • But in Scotland a further important function of proper notice to quit is to prevent tacit relocation operating in cases where, for example, one or other of the parties wishes to renew the tenancy on different terms.
  • As tacit relocation begins to operate as soon as the final date by which valid notice to quit must be given it is therefore crucial that there are no technical defects in the notice to quit, so as to make it invalid.