tacit approval

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  • Pinochet's government received tacit approval and material support from the United States.
  • Aunt made no reply; she smiled sadly and kindly upon me, and her tacit approval sent me directly to my uncle. Cited from The Monctons: A Novel, Volume I, by Susanna Moodie
  • Counsel for the official creditors committee gave tacit approval of the conflict as neither law firm brought the matter to the attention of the court.
  • My silence, however, seemed always to meet with his tacit approval; nor did he allow it to impede his conversational flow. Cited from Wolfville, by Alfred Henry Lewis
  • Most new immigrants are children who are sent to Tibetan cultural schools, sometimes with the tacit approval of the Chinese government.
  • Furthermore, he alleged that senior RUC officers knew of, and gave tacit approval to, these activities.
  • The young officers believed they had at least tacit approval for their uprising from a number of important army officers after making a number of informal approaches.
  • In fact, it is believed that a military coup against a government cannot be launched without tacit approval of the Chief of General Staff.
  • The attack caused a wave of violent repressions organized by the Military Union with the government's tacit approval.
  • As a result, the organization gets tacit approval for its activities, and is sometimes called on by governments to deal with extraordinary crises.
  • Thus, the act done by a believer acquired tacit approval from Muhammad.
  • Some commentators felt that the public reaction was mute compared with the weight of the crime, and thus constituted tacit approval.
  • The mystical dimension is given the author's tacit approval when she allows the principal characters to escape the dystopian reality by passing through the wall.
  • Charles IV appears to have given the city of Frankfurt tacit approval for the pogrom, as mentioned above.
  • Such laws are controversial because they run the risk of being abused by communal forces who may have the tacit approval of the dominant political party in the state or country.
  • This may be regarded as tacit approval of that behaviour.
  • Various unofficial or commemorative badges based on the device have also been made, and may have occasionally been worn with the tacit approval of local naval authorities.
  • If there was a deception, they say, Danby must have been involved in it and thus almost certainly with the tacit approval of the Queen.
  • Bono agreed to Carter's request without asking the rest of the band, and when informed of the idea, the other members gave only tacit approval.
  • "Chalyi represents the interests of the Kremlin which likely gave its tacit approval."
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