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  • Value engineering is often done by systematically following a multi-stage job plan.
  • This has not been studied systematically, although there are reports of its success.
  • Health studies of equity whether particular social groups receive systematically different levels of care than do other groups.
  • Smith was self-taught and he set about the task systematically.
  • However languages that use such letters systematically generally have their own ordering rules.
  • In this way, reason and its claims are completely and systematically considered.
  • The next evening Moon systematically destroyed everything in his hotel room, cut himself doing so and passed out.
  • He was eventually released, but his career was systematically destroyed and his life endangered.
  • The Holy Club met weekly and they systematically set about living a holy life.
  • These processes ensure that a bill is systematically considered before being agreed to.
  • But to approach the question of the value of art systematically, one ought to ask: for whom?
  • He is also known to have been systematically abused by his father as a boy.
  • The result is the victim's self-concept and independence are `systematically taken away.
  • To a lesser degree, street types such as avenue and street are also used systematically.
  • With the arrival of online chess it has become possible to systematically record games.
  • Although parents report a positive experience, the impact of such use has not been systematically assessed.
  • This interest in turn led him to collect and systematically study early maps.
  • However, he needed money to do this so he robbed his various employers systematically.
  • He made regular long journeys over his large parish and systematically visited every place where he would find a member of his church.
  • Information Services people must start to look systematically at application opportunities related to managers.
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Meaning of systematically

  • adverb In a systematic or consistent manner
    they systematically excluded women