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  • They derive from other word classes, and so are not always given the same treatment syntactically.
  • A question mark can be used non-syntactically if it denotes doubt.
  • No other words are required to form a syntactically correct sentence.
  • A single negation, while syntactically correct, may result in a very unusual meaning or make no sense at all.
  • In some cases a morphological word that is phonemically a single word can be syntactically two different words.
  • But the program would still be syntactically correct, since type declarations provide only semantic information.
  • For this extended definition of facts, some facts may be equivalent while not syntactically equal.
  • While the subject is determined syntactically, primarily through word order, the agent is determined through its relationship to the action expressed by the verb.
  • Syntactically, the first four of these form the group of the noun or the nominal group.
  • This allows for many radical things to be done syntactically within Python.
  • As a result, the agent of an action may be syntactically ambiguous.
  • This is because each of them lies in the end of if-branch respectively, even though the first one is not syntactically at the end of bar's body.
  • These examples also suggest that the construction of quantified expressions in natural language can be syntactically very complicated.
  • A syntactically similar expression is "Don't shoot the piano player; he's doing the best he can."
  • An entire situation using this type of sentence is then comprised, syntactically, of at least two separate events - the thing being done and the thing that caused it.
  • Syntactically, in this lecture he again coins a new type of structure, this one a combination of surface-structure music and super-surface structure poetry.
  • The definition of unique keys is syntactically very similar to primary keys.
  • Besides the lexical function of tone, tone may also function morphologically and syntactically.
  • Two terms are said to be structurally, literally, or syntactically equal if they correspond to the same tree.
  • The requirements here are that the model must conform to its metamodel, i.e., be syntactically well-formed.
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Meaning of syntactically

  • adverb With respect to syntax
    syntactically ill-formed