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  • The syntactic system is usually in place when children begin school.
  • The blue text in the-figure below shows a syntactic model of a simple task.
  • The subject appears (as high or) higher in the syntactic structure than the object.
  • The syntactic approach requires much less logic and model theory to understand and use.
  • There have been attempts to move beyond a solely syntactic approach in recent literature.
  • For example, syntactic pattern recognition can be used to find out what objects are present in an image.
  • Therefore, syntactic rules are those rules used in communication to describe how things are organized or ordered.
  • One could go still further, adding a quite extreme example of its syntactic flexibility.
  • The difference is important in the above-mentioned syntactic cases when these elements will - naturally - not function like particles do.
  • Formal written standards remain grammatically close to each other, despite some minor syntactic differences.
  • This theory suggests verbs chosen for double-object form are done so before syntactic processes take place.
  • This generally takes the place in the syntactic structure of the sentence normally occupied by the information being sought.
  • His actions are syntactic and this can never explain to him what the symbols stand for.
  • Syntactic systems rely on general information, such as when or where an operation was submitted.
  • Regarding the definition of form of expression, one of the examples given is syntactic play.
  • Despite different appearances, different syntactic forms generally generate the same numeric machine code, see further below.
  • However, children show more individual variability of syntactic performance with more complex syntax.
  • Finally, there are two large groups according to the syntactic classification.
  • Objects are distinguished from subjects in the syntactic trees that represent sentence structure.
  • In addition, features based on the structure of the potential result, such as syntactic considerations, are often used.
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Meaning of syntactic

  • adjective Of or relating to or conforming to the rules of syntax
    the syntactic rules of a language