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  • The two units are symmetrically laid out on either side of a common party wall.
  • The vision of a symmetrically developed boy is all that is needed to get most men. Cited from The Boy and the Sunday School, by John L. Alexander
  • Smaller and lower versions of this design symmetrically frame the middle section on both sides.
  • The campus is symmetrically divided to provide facilities for male and female students.
  • Finally the black pieces will be placed symmetrically to White's base row.
  • By the sides, symmetrically to the small windows of the ground floor there are two large windows.
  • Due chose to design the building symmetrically around the waiting room.
  • The animals are symmetrically placed on each side, and are turned towards the central scene in the painting.
  • As may be seen from the plan, the village is quite symmetrically laid out and well arranged for defense. Cited from Bureau of Ethnology, 8th Annual Report, 1886-1887, ed. by Powell
  • He cannot be separated from Christ, or from his symmetrically developed spiritual character. Cited from Gathering Jewels, by James Knowles and Matilda Darroch Knowles
  • The station building is symmetrically designed on an H-shaped floor plan.
  • This figure is symmetrically set up so either end can be used as the anode.
  • They can be symmetrically spaced either around the middle, or above or below the middle.
  • The project featured a symmetrically designed structure with seven rooms on the first floor, and nine rooms on the second floor.
  • The front of the building is symmetrically designed around a central clock tower which displays four faces.
  • The form groups should be symmetrically related to, if not identical with, the function groups. Cited from Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech, by Edward Sapir
  • This is likely because garden cities are typically planned symmetrically.
  • If two are used, they are placed symmetrically about the y-axis.
  • The windows are symmetrically places in sets of five in two main banks on the north and south sides of the building.
  • They are arranged in pairs and symmetrically placed on all sides of the building.
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Meaning of symmetrically

  • adverb In a symmetrical manner
    they were symmetrically arranged