swing span

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  • This would be the last time the railway bridge swing span was ever opened.
  • It has two separate end-to-end swing-span sections, each long.
  • It carried rail traffic on top and included a swing span to allow river traffic through.
  • It is widely considered the longest double-deck swing-span bridge in the world.
  • The bridge also featured a rotating swing span opening for the passage of ships in high water.
  • The bridge is the largest double-swing-span bridge in the United States, and second largest in the world.
  • The swing-span section is located at the south end.
  • A second bridge was built on the same piers, also with two swing spans.
  • The bridge is one of three swing-span bridges in the state.
  • It was a wooden swing span bridge, which could swing to allow river vessels to pass along the river.
  • The bridge is a truss bridge with a swing span crossing the main river channel.
  • Once the bridge was completed, the owner of the property on the south side of the river did not want the swing span crossing his land.
  • It was a longer, medium-level steel bridge with a through truss swing span.
  • The main river crossing consists of four through truss spans and a swing span made of two equal arms, long.
  • A swing span on the Keokuk side allowed river traffic to cross.
  • It featured two fixed spans and a single swinging span in the center, with a walking path on the northern side.
  • The swing span was converted into two fixed spans the same width as the rest of the bridge.
  • It was built to replace an earlier bridge at the same location, a swing-span bridge constructed around 1910.
  • The decision to re-build the bridge with an operable swing span was a matter of controversy.
  • In late 1952, the swing span was turned by heavy winds and could not be closed for some time.
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