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  • The state government has been making sustained efforts to improve the education standard.
  • She retired from the match because of a back injury sustained before the match started.
  • They have no fresh water and can sustain human life only with difficulty.
  • This was the first time and only time he played after sustaining his injury.
  • Water demand has often been higher than the river's environment can sustain.
  • There is no evidence that the island has ever supported a self-sustaining human population.
  • Many houses were destroyed by the storm, while others sustained major damage.
  • It must have a source of re-supply to sustain operations for more than several days.
  • However, the team could not sustain its status and is now back in the fourth division.
  • First, no party can command respect which sustains this year what it opposed last. Cited from A Short Life of Abraham Lincoln, by John G. Nicolay
  • It was not enough, however, to long sustain royal authority in the city.
  • During this time he sustained a wound that cost him the use of one of his eyes.
  • They can sustain flight by five to six weeks of age.
  • If the charge is sustained the court has the authority to remove the president from office.
  • All things were created through him and for him, and the universe is sustained by him.
  • However, there are many who believe that the world has more than enough resources to sustain its population.
  • Its territory and population were far too small to hold out against Germany for any sustained period of time.
  • The great variety of plant life sustains a wide range of animals.
  • The train has stood up well to the impact with only the front end sustaining light damage.
  • Groups are generally self-sustaining and often entirely run by students.
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Meaning of sustain

  • verb Supply with necessities and support
    She alone sustained her family, The money will sustain our good cause, There's little to earn and many to keep
  • verb Admit as valid
    The court sustained the motion