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  • He knows that if they see him doing anything suspicious, he will soon be killed.
  • Care must be taken however to not make the larger action so big that it becomes suspicious.
  • The fire started in two places and was regarded by police as suspicious.
  • He was suspicious and ordered his staff not to let any more calls from them come through.
  • His aunt was apparently suspicious, and asked her daughter to follow them after they left.
  • That made some people suspicious since he was not publicly married in church.
  • The following day police announced that the death was suspicious and ordered a full investigation.
  • A house-to-house search was conducted but nothing suspicious was discovered.
  • Meanwhile he kept a close and suspicious eye on events in Germany.
  • Eight people involved in the contract have died in unusual and possibly suspicious circumstances.
  • Police noted that there were no suspicious circumstances to his death.
  • Rocky is suspicious, having never received anything for free in his life.
  • The change was a difficult one for their father, who was suspicious of rock-and-roll.
  • Culloran is a twice married man whose first marriage has made him suspicious of women.
  • Both parks lost buildings due to suspicious fires during their final years.
  • After the boy was returned as a youth to white culture, he no longer fit in and was considered suspicious.
  • After more suspicious men started inquiring into the activities of other members, they decided to travel north.
  • When the bank became suspicious, they had only the errand boy to question.
  • He is suspicious of her at first, but he falls in love with her as they spend time together.
  • Police said the circumstances surrounding her death were not suspicious.
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