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  • Although he was several times arrested on suspicion, he was never brought to trial.
  • Finally, it had been made in a foreign land and was under suspicion on that account.
  • The number of new world records set at a single track event attracted much attention and suspicion.
  • At first regarded with suspicion, he soon won the confidence of his workers.
  • His claim was regarded with some suspicion from the start, but was also widely believed.
  • This did not raise much suspicion because she usually slept late after a night out.
  • He lived as a normal child, although friends did have suspicions about the boy as he grew up.
  • The unit chose this location because they felt it would draw no suspicion to the enemies.
  • At that time, the world nations could not perform well in the trade without suspicions.
  • Lack of relevant family history can also prevent suspicion in many cases.
  • This related incident added to the suspicions that a conflict will soon come.
  • He did, however, get suspicions of what his government was planning to do in the spring.
  • Over a short period of time hundreds of soldiers entered and fell, without raising any suspicion.
  • The actual events that led to the cause of his death still arise suspicion among people.
  • Public suspicions led to a federal investigation into plant security and safety.
  • Being a friend of an enemy of the people automatically placed the person under suspicion.
  • Many names mentioned held relatively minor posts or were already under suspicion.
  • However, his suspicions did not stop him from making another drop.
  • Upon returning to France, he found himself an object of suspicion and at first lived in retirement.
  • While there he again became involved with bad company, and came under suspicion in the deaths of two men.
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Meaning of suspicion

  • noun The state of being suspected
    he tried to shield me from suspicion
  • noun Being of a suspicious nature
    his suspiciousness destroyed his marriage