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  • Maidhc was imprisoned a number of times on suspection of shooting a bailiff, during the Irish Land War.
  • The party won the election and Narong was designated prime minister, when media alleged that the United States had refused him entry admission due to the suspection of involvement in drug trafficking.
  • They have the regular access to update their portfolio which may include resumes, docs, sound files, images and video - subjected to suspection by the company HR's.
  • "Bonker, I haf a suspection!" he exclaimed, suddenly. Cited from The Lunatic at Large, by J. Storer Clouston
  • El Ghareeb is also rumored in Russian media to be one of the world's most dominant arms dealing groups resulting in the suspection that a lot of the other El Ghareeb's businesses are only for cover.
  • He was arrested in 1925 on suspection of planning the assassination of Japanese Prime Minister Takaaki Kato & the Emperor of Japan, Emperor Yoshihito, but was found innocent.