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  • The' wasn't no one else that any one felt like suspectin'. Cited from Happy Hawkins, by Robert Alexander Wason
  • Suspectin' that he's about to indulge in his semi-annual josh, I only grins expectant. Cited from Wilt Thou Torchy, by Sewell Ford
  • "So yo're suspectin' me of wiping out Bull, are you?" Cited from The Heart of the Range, by William Patterson White
  • I'm not suspectin' any one, but at the same time, a woman's revinge is the worst and deepest of all revinges. Cited from Black Baronet; or, The Chronicles Of Ballytrain, by William Carleton
  • "I'm surprised at you suspectin' the kid." Cited from Midnight, by Octavus Roy Cohen
  • It's Mr. Robert they'd been sore on all along, suspectin' him of startin' all the wild schemes just because he's young. Cited from Torchy, Private Sec., by Sewell Ford
  • She never done a thing fer herself, not even think, an' that's the kind you can put anything over on from a teaparty to a blizzard without her suspectin' a thing. Cited from The City of Fire, by Grace Livingston Hill
  • Both of 'em are all wrought up and suspectin' somethin'. Cited from The Skipper and the Skipped, by Holman Day
  • A friend to your family met Mogue Moylan, and, suspectin' what was in the wind, sent that friend to assist you, and it was by volunteerin' to take your life that he was able to save you. Cited from The Tithe-Proctor, by William Carleton
  • Six of 'em were put there by plumb amachoors in the gun line; fellas I never took pains to draw on quick, never suspectin' nothin'. Cited from Overland Red, by Henry Herbert Knibbs
  • "I'm sayin' nowt about suspectin' nobody!" vociferated the blacksmith. Cited from The Talleyrand Maxim, by J. S. Fletcher
  • "Well, t' t'ink ob me seein' dis work goin' on, day after day, an' me nebber suspectin' dat yo' was goin' on sech a transmigatory flight in de direction ob an interplanetary sphere what transmits effulgent rays transversely an' pyritiferilously changes 'em inter crimson light most advantageously." Cited from Through Space to Mars, by Roy Rockwood

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