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  • Christman of NBC Sports was able to cite three cases in MLB history of job loss suspectedly due to sexual orientation.
  • Physical deterioration and the development of schizophrenia (suspectedly caused by advanced borreliosis) set in, and Kivi died in poverty at the age of 38.
  • What operational abilities the armed forces had were gradually destroyed by politicisation of the forces, tribalisation, and division of the forces, included purges of suspectedly disloyal groups, intended to allow Mobutu to divide and rule.
  • Narayanaswamy, the then Idukki District Collector, probed the land the Minister's children were to sell: he reported that a good part of the land they purveyed was government land, some suspectedly benami.
  • James suspectedly helped plan the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929, which was meant to bring the war of the North Side Gang to an end by killing George Moran.
  • He even helped to retrieve Temah's wallet when it was robbed from her by a man, suspectedly her former boyfriend who caused her to be pregnant with Shahrin, who might be in a frantic search of money to settle his gambling debts with loan sharks.
  • Despite her occupation, she is very fond and caring of her suspectedly born-out-of-wedlock son, Shahrin, whom she sends to religiously-rooted friend, Mas' house, for Quranic lessons under Mas' son, Adam's religious teacher.