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  • Few had suspected that he was sick, and news of his death came as a public shock.
  • When his father is killed he is suspected of the murder so he escapes to England.
  • They asked questions of the guards but did not appear to suspect they were going to be killed.
  • The police did not find or identify any suspect involved in the shooting.
  • He suspects this happens because it is the only memory he can ever fully hold on to.
  • The diagnosis can often be suspected based on the child's physical appearance at birth.
  • When the source failed to show up, the team members began suspecting they were under surveillance.
  • Four days later French police also arrested two suspects believed to be tied to the same active cell.
  • I was not one of those who make life miserable in seeing a little and suspecting much. Cited from An Outcast, by F. Colburn Adams
  • How on earth could you have helped suspecting me? Cited from The Willoughby Captains, by Talbot Baines Reed
  • He had seen our light, and suspecting that we were prisoners he determined to get a good shot at us. Cited from Into the Jaws of Death, by Jack O'Brien
  • His lack of West Point credentials made him suspect to many fellow officers.
  • Modern historians have even suspected that Napoleon wrote some of the letter himself.
  • It is in a quiet creek, whose mouth you would sail past without suspecting its existence. Cited from Under Drake's Flag, by G. A. Henty
  • According to the Dutch law, only the police officer will read the rights of the suspect in the police station.
  • These men were never happy unless they were suspecting evil of someone. Cited from The Hippodrome, by Rachel Hayward
  • Also because of various education levels, officers must make sure the suspect understands what the officer is saying.
  • The Dutch police have the right to do a drug test if they suspect influenced driving.
  • Muhammed who was not a suspect at the time came forward to clear his name.
  • We were far indeed from suspecting it; he was our fine flower, our representative man. Cited from The Mayor of Troy, by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
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Meaning of suspect

  • noun Someone who is under suspicion
  • verb Imagine to be the case or true or probable
    I suspect he is a fugitive, I surmised that the butler did it
  • verb Hold in suspicion; believe to be guilty
    The U.S. suspected Bin Laden as the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks