Suspect Zero

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  • He does so, and through the security footage, he is shown to be "Suspect Zero".
  • Mark breaks the chess piece open to reveal a ring, the same one Suspect Zero had been wearing.
  • The actual Suspect Zero is another man who travels around the United States with a refrigerated truck.
  • After a struggle outside, Suspect Zero is killed when Mackelway crushes his skull with a rock.
  • Suspect Zero was a box office disappointment, earning $11 million worldwide.
  • As a screenwriter, he was an uncredited writer on the film Suspect Zero and wrote and directed an independent feature film called Big Wide Empty, based on his play.
  • The agents must decide if O'Ryan is the key that will allow them to catch Suspect Zero or if he himself is Suspect Zero.
  • The film is about the hunt for Suspect Zero, a potential serial killer who is able to kill indefinitely because he is able to remain undetectable by law enforcement agencies.
  • He has also dabbled in other genres, writing scripts for disparate films such as P.C.U., BEHIND ENEMY LINES and SUSPECT ZERO.
  • Suspect Zero was a 2004 film which featured a truck driver as the ultimate serial killer, committing crimes in all 50 states without leaving evidence behind to link his crimes together.
  • Flosso and Gibbons are directing the FBI away from discovering what caused the blackout to trying to discover who "Suspect Zero" is.
  • His next film role was in E. Elias Merhige's thriller Suspect Zero, a movie about an FBI agent who tracks down a killer who murders serial killers.
  • As Simon is being put into an ambulance, recently after killing Wheeler, in the vehicle waiting for him is Flosso, who tells Simon that he is still under his control, and if he does not stop working for the FBI, he will tell the FBI about Simon being "Suspect Zero".
  • He executive produced Without Limits, Suspect Zero and Vanilla Sky as well as supervising production on Mission Impossible 2 as well as all the Cruise/Wagner Productions over his six years with that company.