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  • Their population numbers being so small, they needed another means of survival.
  • Recognition of a new government by other states can be important for its long term survival.
  • The loss of a child could impact the survival of an entire family.
  • From many points of view this region of survivals is full of interest. Cited from The Roof of France, by Matilda Betham-Edwards
  • The children were taught basic survival skills and culture as they grew up.
  • He attempted to channel these "daily activities for survival" into significant community actions.
  • Its long-term survival will only be assured in areas which receive active protection and management.
  • Its long-term survival will only be assured in areas which receive active protection and management.
  • Using these factors, he studied their influence on the survival of species.
  • In modern times there are two most remarkable survivals of the same kind. Cited from Roman Mosaics, by Hugh Macmillan
  • Breast cancer found early has a much better survival rate than later stage breast cancer.
  • Candidates are required to complete military water survival prior to beginning their flying instruction.
  • The first generation of art started more for the purpose of survival and warfare than art.
  • The fighting within the town had become extremely intense, becoming a door to door battle of survival.
  • Because of their extremely low fat content, they are a poor choice as a survival food.
  • They also received survival training and preparation for other technical aspects of the mission.
  • Survival believes that in the long-term, public opinion is the most effective force for change.
  • Finally, although Roman towns continued on a reduced level, there is no question as to their survival.
  • Since he had little support in the Assembly, his government had no prospect of long-term survival.
  • A heat escape lessening position can be used to increase survival in cold water.
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Meaning of survival

  • noun A state of surviving; remaining alive
  • noun A natural process resulting in the evolution of organisms best adapted to the environment
  • noun Something that survives