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  • A survey of the track had shown that its poor construction would not support commercial traffic.
  • As well as surveying his career to date, the show also included new works.
  • Working in real estate law gave him his first experience in surveying.
  • After the land was surveyed into a new town site, the town began the move.
  • In fact, surveys have shown that most people fear public speaking more than they fear death.
  • Economic use in other areas requires research, and possibly a site-survey.
  • It may have been in the army that he gained some experience in surveying.
  • The term cross-staff may also have a different meaning in the history of surveying.
  • Southern public schools in the past ranked in the lower half of some national surveys.
  • The school's four-year surveying program remains as the only one in the nation.
  • Fell association with the railroad goes back to the time when it was surveyed.
  • Since then, a new town site has been proposed, selected and surveyed for expansion.
  • That same year, he had the land surveyed and opened it for settlement.
  • However, the survey had only received a small response rate.
  • The third rail line into the area never got past the surveying of the right of way.
  • Surveys were not required, with the title becoming complete at the time of location.
  • The survey also shows women are more likely to be affected by SAD than men.
  • In the final year, the fourth student follow-up survey was administered online.
  • Surveys had shown that only a quarter of audience members could hear the words clearly.
  • The city has given a few surveys for citizens to rate the quality of life and city services.
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Meaning of survey

  • noun A detailed critical inspection
  • verb Consider in a comprehensive way
    He appraised the situation carefully before acting
  • verb Look over carefully or inspect
    He surveyed his new classmates
  • verb Make a survey of; for statistical purposes
  • verb Plot a map of (land)