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  • The ancient city is surrounded on all sides by of walls about high.
  • The city is built on several hills and is completely surrounded by mountains.
  • As a result, the Roman army was surrounded with no means of escape.
  • It is thought that there might be up to of oil under the sea bed surrounding the islands.
  • The field surrounded by the track is used for association football matches as well as other field sports.
  • He has been arrested in many countries, and there is much controversy surrounding his work.
  • It is the remaining part of the wall that surrounded the oldest part of the city.
  • Until age twelve he knew nothing of professional artists, although art had surrounded him in childhood.
  • Everything outside the system is considered the surrounding or environment.
  • The battle had been joined, and the French were now surrounded.
  • Winter novels are all located in the city and surrounding area.
  • While the column still stands, the square is today surrounded by mostly modern buildings.
  • While the surrounding seas are generally rough, they remain ice-free year-round.
  • Many animal species live in the mountains surrounding the Dead Sea.
  • It is surrounded by a stone border in the shape of a football stadium.
  • The plot surrounds a love story between two individuals who want to play music.
  • Temperatures can be higher in the city than in the surrounding areas.
  • His father was a government clerk, while his mother did domestic work in surrounding white homes.
  • The rest of the city is surrounded by the Central Department.
  • He is surrounded by female fans in his every step.
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Meaning of surround

  • verb Extend on all sides of simultaneously; encircle
    The forest surrounds my property