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  • Not surprisingly, such changes are usually made right before a general election is to be held.
  • However, surprisingly, when these children grew up and had children those children were also smaller than average.
  • Surprisingly, one building they did not take over was the old Parliament House.
  • Surprisingly, no agreement could be reached, no matter how many votes were taken.
  • But rather than a failed product, the wine turned out to be surprisingly good.
  • It is actually surprisingly common for players to not even be able to read notes.
  • He became surprisingly popular in England, despite his previous anti-British record.
  • Surprisingly the band is largely unknown in its home country of Australia.
  • She said that perhaps someone else will find death surprisingly easy.
  • Not surprisingly, he began to think about what would happen when other people looked to him for similar support.
  • Surprisingly these had very little effect on the growth of the economy.
  • Surprisingly, this encourages the team so much that they start winning match after match.
  • Sixteen workers died during construction, but surprisingly only two from falling off the bridge.
  • In view of the historic issues involved, both sides based themselves on surprisingly technical legal grounds.
  • Surprisingly his brother climbed after him and caught up to him before the summit.
  • Surprisingly, the red car was good enough to win three races.
  • Not surprisingly, the company's advertising was often more original than the cars themselves.
  • Not surprisingly, then, he already has a criminal history, and he has even been to reform school.
  • Not surprisingly, he missed the interview and was forced to stay longer than expected.
  • The space inside the round tower is surprisingly small, suggesting very thick walls.
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Synonyms of surprisingly

Meaning of surprisingly

  • adverb In a surprising manner
    he was surprisingly friendly