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  • The material that also covers some golf balls, Surlyn has its color molded in.
  • While once favored by professional and low-handicap players, they are now obsolete, replaced by newer Surlyn and urethane technology.
  • No paint or clear topcoat is needed on the Surlyn panels.
  • They continued to experiment and eventually found Surlyn, a DuPont plastic, to have the necessary properties to survive the intensity of lacrosse.
  • The bottom is made of Surlyn or Bixby.
  • In ten pin, the pins are either Surlyn-coated maple or a plastic composite.
  • Vulcan Corporation entered into an agreement with Brunswick Bowling & Billiards to form a joint venture for the manufacture of bowling pins using its Surlyn coating process.
  • Harder materials, such as Surlyn, usually result in the ball's traveling longer distances, while softer covers, such as Urethane, tend to generate higher spin, more "feel" and greater stopping potential.
  • With the introduction of the Precedent golf car in late 2003, Club Car implemented DuPont's Surlyn material for the Precedent body panels.
  • The plastic bodywork pieces of the Blast were made from Surlyn, a substance used to make the outside of golf balls, to protect the surfaces when the Blast is dropped, and the color is molded-in.
  • In the mid-1960s, a new synthetic resin named "Surlyn" was introduced (by E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company), as were new urethane blends for golf ball covers, and these new materials soon displaced balata as they proved more durable.