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  • If even one child follows her lead she will surely be held responsible.
  • The culture of its inhabitants has surely changed greatly over this long time period.
  • In a word, a third part of the city is surely involved.
  • Surely there is a reason why they had all of this in.
  • An artist must know something about his subject or he will surely have difficulty painting it.
  • Let them set out, and fate will surely direct their steps in the right direction.
  • If I let the women see him, they would surely laugh at him.
  • In another era he would surely have had a line and distinguished career at senior level.
  • Slowly and surely he begins to work out what has happened.
  • Slowly but surely his lead by example attitude and influence took effect.
  • If you do not take them when you can, you will surely regret it later.
  • He added that the band had already written some new material and would surely release another album at some point.
  • Even though his time on the island was short, it surely was influential.
  • Had it not been a cold January day, there would surely have been people sitting.
  • The strong law shows that this almost surely will not occur.
  • Surely, then, the time to favor her is come; even the set time.
  • He surely gives of himself, but not to kill his art, but to create it.
  • The author of the photo will surely take no damage from my action.
  • People may not have known what was in there, but they surely knew it was something important and secret.
  • He said that surely I must have written columns that seemed to write themselves.
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Meaning of surely

  • adverb Definitely or positively (`sure' is sometimes used informally for `surely')
    the results are surely encouraging, she certainly is a hard worker, it's going to be a good day for sure, they are coming, for certain, they thought he had been killed sure enough, he'll win sure as shooting, they sure smell good, sure he'll come