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  • Since Sur did not mask himself, the being recognized him immediately and followed him to his home.
  • Abin Sur was also part of the action figure line based on the live-action movie.
  • These can be found throughout the Big Sur region.
  • The Big Sur facility has been used for these events, as well as other locations, including international sites.
  • Sur was one of the most famous shipbuilding cities of the Indian Ocean.
  • Fog is an essential summer water source for many Big Sur coastal plants.
  • These wealthy homeowners, however, are usually only part-time residents of Big Sur.
  • It has become the most important airport in the state of Baja California Sur.
  • In those days, action in detinue sur trover could not lie against a third party.
  • Currently there is no regulation on the size or type of vessel that the wine should be kept in sur lie with.
  • As Sur neglected to charge his ring before going to sleep, he was unable to stop the being from taking control of him.
  • A Confederate General from Big Sur was his first published novel and met with little critical or commercial success.
  • Hemu's army was a result of long process of military development during Sur rule in North India.
  • Along with much of the central and northern California coast, Big Sur frequently has dense fog in summer.
  • For the few years before his death Olatunji made his home at the wild Big Sur coastline.
  • Commercial riverboats can use the river from Bar-sur-Seine, to its mouth.
  • Ferlinghetti, then in Big Sur, turned himself in on his return to San Francisco.
  • In the same period he also became a member of the town council of Esch-sur-Alzette.
  • Some took it as connected with the Arabic word 'Sur' meaning a 'wall'.
  • A British counter-attack and artillery fire broke up a follow-up attack towards Baron-sur-Odon.
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Meaning of sur

  • noun A port in southern lebanon on the mediterranean sea; formerly a major phoenician seaport famous for silks