supports the idea

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  • Subsequent studies have supported the idea that this species was a white-eye.
  • This supported the idea of a national trade agreement between the two organizations. Cited from A History of Trade Unionism in the United States, by Selig Perlman
  • The results support the idea that people better remember information that comes after a negative event.
  • The presence of this would also support the idea of a fairly permanent military base.
  • People supported the idea and it continued for years.
  • But then perhaps, when no facts appeared to support the idea, she might have abandoned it. Cited from The Devil's Garden, by W. B. Maxwell
  • He supported the idea that educated women brought forward educated children.
  • He supported the idea of National Democratic Revolution but then he refused it.
  • He convinced local business people to support the idea.
  • However, he did support the idea of the French Republic.
  • Miles continues how he then decided to get the original band to endorse and support the idea.
  • Their results supported the idea that the animals' state influenced their ability to remember a learned response.
  • However, she made the suggestion without her son's knowledge, and he did not support the idea.
  • Many of them supported the idea, stating that the change could increase tourism.
  • This evidence has been used to support the idea that the existence of a social class system is unnecessary.
  • From the very beginning of its presence, the party has supported the idea of decentralisation.
  • This idea of the domestic man also supported the idea of the homosexual family.
  • Many supported the idea and believed it would expand the party's electoral base.
  • All the research supported the idea of granting protection to this area.
  • Also it designed its own flag and supported the idea of independent Macedonian state.
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