supports several

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  • While the community once supported several businesses there are now none left.
  • The church had a social centre and supported several religious associations during its history.
  • He supported several development projects while also attempting to promote low-income housing.
  • He supported several measures during the war not approved by his political associates. Cited from Recollections of Forty Years in the House, Senate and Cabinet, Sherman
  • The union has supported several candidates for political office.
  • The Start screen no longer supports several previously available features.
  • Diverse forest plant life exists in the park and the area supports several wild animal species.
  • He also supported several measures to fund other minor road and canal projects, but was unsuccessful.
  • The bridge also supported several shops and houses.
  • The community is the centre of northern activities, and supports several cultural, social and sporting groups.
  • The mission also supports several other basic and secondary Schools.
  • The city's large German population supported several singing societies.
  • To that end, he supported several generations of rural children in their educations.
  • He supported several reforms to the council's operations, including direct election and increased powers of governance.
  • Since shortly after its settlement in the early 19th century, Le Roy had supported several such operations.
  • New Woman novelists and characters encouraged and supported several types of political action in Britain.
  • Molten supports several non-profit organizations and top leagues all over the world.
  • Bethany at one time supported several filling stations and a general store.
  • He has supported several movements in what he perceives as abuse of the legal system by government and private authorities.
  • The government supported several programs to augment fish production and processing.
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