supports same-sex

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  • But an even greater show of support came from the common people.
  • Slowly they found this issue to be one they could not support.
  • Through such work, he supported himself after the death of his father.
  • But some students drop out because they must work to help support their families.
  • Being able to use a computer to support teaching and research was quite novel at the time.
  • Both are used in the close air support role.
  • Most of their support came from the poor population.
  • Sometimes direct support units are placed under command of the regiment/brigade they support.
  • Long term support is provided for the last minor version within a major release, for one additional year.
  • The initial version supported a single process at a time.
  • There is, however, no historical evidence yet to support this claim.
  • Their support, however, remained limited to the most needed things.
  • Some were operated by the artillery branch but under command of the supported unit.
  • Around this time, the artist found support from two sources in Russia.
  • Life support systems must be capable of supporting human life for weeks, months or even years.
  • However, mainstream scientific research has not shown strong evidence to support these claims.
  • General support units tend to be moved to where they are most required at any particular time.
  • Many series featured women as the main characters with males as supporting characters.
  • Instead of a list, one can use any other data structure that supports the required operations.
  • Although an established church, the Church of England does not receive any direct government support.
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