supports many

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  • He has also supported many actors at the beginning of their career.
  • Later in life he became a Republican and supported many conservative causes.
  • The firm has been the subject of many published articles and has supported many charitable causes.
  • The station has supported many music festivals around the country.
  • During this time, she supported many of her relatives as they moved to New York.
  • The region supports many rare Irish species, some of which are only found in this area.
  • Initially the government supported many of these performances.
  • As a global city, New York supports many events outside these sports.
  • The Los Angeles County has supported many educational programs and support programs.
  • Her father supported many reforms, among them world peace, civil rights, and women suffrage.
  • The site supports many plants which are scarce at a national or county level.
  • The tree species comprise many different types and the area supports many rare and local species.
  • The unit supported many field offices throughout Germany.
  • The local farming community still supports many small businesses in the town.
  • He was a devoted Northern Baptist and supported many church-based institutions throughout his life.
  • The Whigs supported many of the ideas about basic rights of the public.
  • He founded the American Conservation Association and supported many other environmental groups.
  • F supports many of the standard operators used in many other languages.
  • He also supports many left wing political and environmental groups by speaking at rallies and events.
  • He also supported many of the New Deal programs at the beginning of the Great Depression.
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