supports her

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  • He had to support her in his house as long as she lived. Cited from Myths of Babylonia and Assyria, by Donald A. Mackenzie
  • Her husband stood by her to support her in the hour of need. Cited from Mrs. Budlong's Chrismas Presents, by Rupert Hughes
  • Her family supported her education as well as women's education at large.
  • To support her ten living children, she had to produce many works and quickly.
  • She entered into films to support her family as her father felt sick.
  • Thus it falls upon her father and her husband to support her.
  • Her mother appeared at all of her shows to support her.
  • Had he not supported her she would have dropped to the floor. Cited from Graustark, by George Barr McCutcheon
  • He helped her raise the upper part of her body and supported her. Cited from German Classics of the 19th & 20th Centuries, Vol. IX, Ed. by Francke
  • Once more he supported her with his arms, but she kept her face turned away. Cited from The Lighted Way, by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  • The hand that supported her head suddenly dropped, and she fell back. Cited from The Missing Bride, by Mrs. E. D. E. N. Southworth
  • A home, with some one to support her, is everything to her. Cited from The Claverings, by Anthony Trollope
  • She wants to turn him into a child star so that he can support her.
  • She stopped acting in college because her father refused to support her in that career.
  • A fund was set up after her death that continued to support her work.
  • She had taken the children again, and at every step he turned and supported her. Cited from The Flood, by Emile Zola
  • They offered to buy the woman off, to support her and the child. Cited from The Hunted Woman, by James Oliver Curwood
  • He told her that he'd support her if she wanted to return to work.
  • He was raised by his mother, who operated a small store to support her family.
  • She did not work, because he was able and willing to support her. Cited from Quincy Adams Sawyer and Mason's Corner Folks, by Charles Felton Pidgin
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