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  • Other concepts of rights do not necessarily involve this reciprocal supportiveness.
  • Male toughness was balanced by female gentleness, male action and initiative by female endurance and need for completion, and male leadership by female supportiveness.
  • Supportiveness: Personnel should feel free to speak what is on their minds in an atmosphere of acceptance, regardless of their positioning as superior or subordinate.
  • Basic beliefs and assumptions include individuals' impressions about the trustworthiness and supportiveness of an organization, and are often deeply ingrained within the organization's culture.
  • Early research regarding the antecedents of OCB focused on employee attitudes, dispositions, and leader supportiveness.
  • OHP has investigated such psychosocial characteristics of workplaces as workers' decision latitude and supervisors' supportiveness.
  • Along with personality and dispositional traits, the job-related characteristics and attitudes of organizational justice, job satisfaction, and leader supportiveness are all antecedents of contextual performance.
  • Examples of psychosocial characteristics of workplaces that OHP has investigated include amount of decision latitude a worker can exercise and the supportiveness of supervisors.
  • Achievements include hearing others enjoy his music, playing celebrity football teams supporting multiple charities and being recognised for the things that he stands for; to inspire others that is possible to make it with hard work, studying, supportiveness and recognition.
  • Specific pro maintenance behaviors that could be exhibited by Prosocial standards are positivity, openness, assurances, social networking, task sharing, supportiveness, romance, humor, and joint activities.
  • Other attitudinal measures, perceived fairness, organizational commitment, and leader supportiveness are found to correlate with OCB at about the same rate as satisfaction (Organ & Ryan, 1995).
  • Parental responsiveness (warmth or supportiveness) refers to "the extent to which parents intentionally foster individuality, self-regulation, and self-assertion by being attuned, supportive, and acquiescent to children's special needs and demands."
  • Mumby and Putnam (1992) stress that bounded emotionality encourages emotions of nurturance, care, community, supportiveness, and interrelatedness fused with individual responsibility to shape organizational experiences.
  • Mayan Hammocks have a looser weave than Nicaraguan hammocks, and the supportiveness of the hammock "bed" depends on the number of strings and quality of the weave.
  • Chuck's good nature, humor, emotional supportiveness and obvious desire for a normal life have helped endear him to Sarah, who ultimately prefers Chuck to both Cole Barker and Bryce Larkin, both of whom are braver and better in combat than Chuck.