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  • He has been supportive of women taking leadership roles within their political groups.
  • We still love music and we will still be active and supportive of the scene.
  • However, there is a different theory that he makes clear he is more supportive of.
  • He returned to work after a few months of supportive care.
  • She reports that her parents were supportive of her career change and really encouraged her.
  • She said that she found Field to be very supportive of her in her first acting role.
  • She said that her partner had been very supportive during her illness.
  • But his wife exerted pressure upon him and he changed his view, becoming more supportive.
  • Her father was especially supportive and has played a very important role in her successful career as her manager and tour-manager.
  • The party is generally supportive of a federal relationship between the countries of the United Kingdom.
  • He returned after the French Revolution which he was initially supportive of.
  • US, UK and some other Security Council members were also supportive of the idea.
  • In her married years Mary was a strong, silent, and supportive wife.
  • The Russian public appeared to be generally supportive of increased security measures.
  • The army had long been supportive of a strong union.
  • He was supportive even during the military defeats of the first year of the war.
  • Recent adoption studies also found that supportive parents can have a positive effect on the development of their children.
  • After that, both countries maintained an extremely close and supportive relationship.
  • The student body's response was largely supportive of the movement.
  • The school enjoys a strong academic reputation within a faith-supportive school community.
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  • adjective Furnishing support or assistance
    a supportive family network, his family was supportive of his attempts to be a writer