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  • What's the good of supportin' a union that can't win a strike? Cited from The Valley of the Moon, by Jack London
  • I have no manes of supportin' her, an' I swear I'll never bring her to poverty. Cited from Fardorougha, The Miser, by William Carleton
  • She wus supportin' him till he got a client: he wus a studyin' law. Cited from Sweet Cicely, by Marietta Holley
  • I hev bin huntin up several reasons for supportin him. Cited from "Swingin Round the Cirkle.", by Petroleum V. Nasby
  • If that sort of thing was permitted, every dacent father and mother in the country would be supportin' some useless son-in-law, and his children, maybe. Cited from Duty, and other Irish Comedies, by Seumas O'Brien
  • My man says he's a good friend of George Remington and is supportin' him for district attorney, and that's how he can make it so pleasant here. Cited from The Sturdy Oak, by Samuel Merwin, et al.
  • Horned critters look alike to you, but even in a country supportin' a good many thousand head, a man used to the business can recognise most every individual as far as he can see him. Cited from Arizona Nights, by Stewart Edward White
  • They can't get it into their heads that they are New Yorkers, and just tend naturally toward supportin' Hill and his hay-seeds against Murphy. Cited from Plunkitt of Tammany Hall, by Plunkitt and Riordan
  • All around this buildin' is a veranda, and supportin' its roof is a long row of columns, each composed of three tree trunks twenty-five feet in length -- one big one and the other two smaller. Cited from Samantha at the World's Fair, by Marietta Holley
  • "Yeh, a swell lot of supportin' you do!" Cited from Cheerful--By Request, by Edna Ferber
  • You ain't playin' a square deal, Bob-Cat, in supportin' the lad to go on askin' to do what ain't good for him. Cited from The Boy With the U. S. Foresters, by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  • I've kep' him now, well, let me see: it's a-goin' on six years since Tom got killed, and I've been a-supportin' him ever since, and no tellin' how much longer he'll live. Cited from Rosa's Quest, by Anna Potter Wright
  • The gents supportin' the bars and store corners will be so interested in seein' me do you for your pile that they'll forget to remember who I am, like I would be in me natural jeans. Cited from Overland Red, by Henry Herbert Knibbs
  • By not givin' in to what's dacent you know you'll only fret me -- a thing that no man wid half a heart 'ud do to any woman supportin' a babby as I am. Cited from Fardorougha, The Miser, by William Carleton
  • "Citizens ruther have it said, hey, that we are supportin' a land-pirut here in this town, and let him disgrace us even over in Vienny?" demanded the Cap'n. Cited from The Skipper and the Skipped, by Holman Day
  • Instid of doin' her obvayus juty an' supportin' her nephew in becomin' station, she marries a poor little lordlet boy, an' forsakes me entirely. Cited from The Girl at the Halfway House, by Emerson Hough
  • Then lie told me who the people was and a lot about 'em, and then they all got to talkin' and a woman was there who believed in women votin' and being self-supportin' and not dependin' on their husbands, and I said I thought a self-supportin' wife was as much use as a self-rockin' cradle. Cited from Drusilla with a Million, by Elizabeth Cooper

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