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  • LORA is the most important physical supportability analysis business decision made during acquisition of a system.
  • Aviation support including emergency response air programs, aircraft maintenance, theater aviation support management, helicopter maintenance support, supportability and testing.
  • Addressing intelligence supportability early in the acquisition process will also influence system design and provide the necessary lead time for intelligence community to react and resource new requirements.
  • In the computing field, the concept of end-of-life has significance in the production, supportability and purchase of software and hardware products.
  • ILS therefore, addresses these aspects of supportability not only during acquisition, but also throughout the operational life cycle of the system.
  • Software quality control refers to specified functional requirements as well as non-functional requirements such as supportability, performance and usability.
  • ILS is a technique introduced by the US Army to ensure that the supportability of an equipment item is considered during its design and development.
  • DynCorp also performs supportability and safety studies as well as off-site aircraft safety and spill containment patrols and aircraft recovery services.
  • Niklas is an enterprise integration platform with a strong focus on performance, scalability and supportability.
  • Common metrics include availability, reliability, maintainability, supportability and total cost of ownership.
  • Operability is considered one of the ilities and is closely related to reliability, supportability and maintainability.
  • He is responsible for weapon system supportability advocacy and the development and implementation of acquisition and sustainment requirements and associated metrics employed during the systems acquisition and life cycle management process.
  • The key requirements that must be met by modern POS systems include: high and consistent operating speed, reliability, ease of use, remote supportability, low cost, and rich functionality.
  • The mandatory use of these standards will aid significantly in achieving standardization and result in improvements in availability, maintainability, reliability, and supportability.
  • In the late 1990s, the ASARS Improvement Program (AIP) incorporated several performance and supportability enhancements into the system.
  • It is responsible for explosives safety, logistics engineering, transportability, training, depot/garrison doctrine, demilitarization technology, supportability, reliability, technical assistance and career management.
  • These include such design-dependent parameters such as reliability, maintainability, supportability, usability, producibility, disposability, sustainability, affordability and others.
  • PBCs delineate outcome performance goals, ensure that responsibilities are assigned, provide incentives for attaining these goals, and facilitate the overall life-cycle management of system reliability, supportability, and total ownership costs.
  • As part of this process, a robust, holistic assessment of security, interoperability, supportability, sustainability, usability, policy compliance, and network usage is conducted.
  • Through-life support will be based on the worldwide service, support and manufacturing networks of Rheinmetall and MAN, this ensuring the SURVIVOR R can offer users supportability, high levels of operational availability and genuine service longevity.
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