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  • All of these effects provide supplementary protection to individuals in the middle of the group.
  • After the reply has been provided, no supplementary question can be asked.
  • Some radio station chart data was used as supplementary information, however.
  • There may also be supplementary letters after the initial four characters.
  • Opposition leaders ask a general question of the First Minister and then supplementary questions.
  • They also provided supplementary equipment such as their eight-horsepower fire engine.
  • The core data is on the second line, the supplementary data on the first.
  • Even where family members are employed outside of agriculture, they still farm their own land as a supplementary income.
  • The three sources of European Union law are primary law, secondary law and supplementary law.
  • A supplementary study was conducted and completed within three months.
  • They make the most out of feed and don't need much supplementary feeding.
  • Business service is mostly message rate local calling plans with extra charges for long distance and supplementary services.
  • If necessary, the number of seats for each chamber is raised, by giving supplementary seats.
  • Once a question is asked, supplementary questions can be asked.
  • There are also supplementary schools teaching the Japanese language and culture.
  • The complex consists of five major venues as well as other supplementary sport facilities.
  • The two sources of all our knowledge give information that is both complementary and supplementary.
  • After two subsequent supplementary double-lettering systems hit similar limits, numbers were finally introduced.
  • Additional material was issued at each interval in the form of supplementary text books.
  • Finding the true rhythm of the story was for him the main thing - everything else was supplementary.
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