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  • It is currently published as a hard-cover book with three soft-cover supplements.
  • The work on the supplement was expected to take about seven years.
  • Numerous video games have been released to supplement the film series.
  • This gave the town new industry, new citizens, and a supplement to public schools.
  • He looked forward to supplementing his income during the winter by doing what he loved most.
  • The album was supplemented by the four tracks already released on their first two singles.
  • This way, they can make money even outside fishing season, supplementing their income.
  • There is no release date as yet for any of these supplements.
  • He also had a number of private students in his earlier days in order to supplement his income.
  • These periods could be used to supplement historical ones where history was not available.
  • These studies involved subjects who had generally been on the supplements for five to six months or less.
  • The major towns have air, coach and rail services that supplement the road network.
  • Detailed information on each of the houses can be found in small supplement books.
  • But these will need supplementing or replacing eventually as greater power becomes necessary. Cited from Space Exploration, by Committee on Science and Astronautics
  • The majority of countries supplement the league system with one or more cup competitions.
  • He has exhibited frequently since then, and also had his work published in special supplements.
  • Supplements are considered part of the main rules available in normal games.
  • He held this post for forty years, supplementing his income by teaching music.
  • Language learning in such schools typically supplements formal education or existing knowledge of a foreign language.
  • She supplemented her income by working as a singer, and also worked in theatre.
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Meaning of supplement

  • noun A quantity added (e.g. to make up for a deficiency)
  • verb Add as a supplement to what seems insufficient
    supplement your diet
  • verb Serve as a supplement to
    Vitamins supplemented his meager diet