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  • Most state supreme courts also have general supervisory authority over the state court system.
  • The director is elected by the supervisory board for a period of three years.
  • Two months later he joined the club's supervisory board to deal with technical matters.
  • The Supervisory Board members are elected for a period of five years each.
  • The members of the supervisory board were not allowed to serve on the management board.
  • He has also attended numerous leadership and supervisory management seminars throughout his career.
  • Each country also has its own supervisory authority to monitor the level of protection.
  • He remained in a supervisory role for the management of the buildings for many years until his retirement.
  • This committee is usually composed of one management representative and one or more non-elected non-supervisory employees.
  • The majority of the service's full-time staff consists of administrative and supervisory positions.
  • These direct operations over a wide area or in a big city and have administrative and supervisory functions.
  • Game Arts's presence on the project, however, was more of a supervisory role.
  • In addition, there is a supervisory board with six members, one of whom functions as secretary.
  • No person may be a member of both the management board and the supervisory board of the same company at the same time.
  • All other supervisory ranks were shifted one level up from the old system to the current system.
  • There was an increase in the total number of supervisory and administrative staff and the population of students.
  • He served as one of the directors and a member of the supervisory board of the company.
  • Supervisory personnel often advance from this class of workers in community programs.
  • After approval, only union members would be able to vote for candidates to the supervisory board.
  • However, they remained outside any central supervisory system.
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Meaning of supervisory

  • adjective Of or limited to or involving supervision
    in a supervisory capacity